The HCA Difference

The HCA Difference

HORAN Capital Advisors takes great pride in client service. We communicate regularly with our clients and focus solely on their needs. We have a high ratio of staff to clients and maximize a team approach and oversight when handling client accounts

HCA’s Five Core Tenets of Client Service

  1. Relationships Matter. Building long-term relationships creates trust and continuity. This takes time, dialogue and a deep understanding of all client dynamics.
  2. Communicate. Identify client objectives and tailor the portfolio/service model accordingly. Everyone has different circumstances, ways of learning and expectations regarding the client/advisor relationship.
  3. Challenge One Another. Consistent agreement rarely leads to optimal results. We can’t fear changing perceptions or pushing one another for better outcomes.
  4. Invest. Invest in good people. A strong team reflects positively on our organization, but more importantly, our clients.
  5. Be Transparent. Our intent is to present our value proposition by articulating what we do, how we do it and all the expectations in between, i.e., frequency of communication, management fees, portfolio risks, etc.

Independent & Fee-Only 

Independent registered investment advisors, like HORAN Capital Advisors, offer transparency and objectivity by separating the duties of asset custodian and asset managers. Our current primary custodian is Charles Schwab Co. Inc. but we offer the flexibility to partner with other custodians such as banks and trust companies.

Unlike many advisor practices, HORAN is compensated only by our clients. Our annual fee is based upon a percentage of the client's account balance. We accept no commissions or trading fees from outside providers. 

Fee-only advisors are more closely aligned with their clients' best interest. 

Customized Solutions

Our clients are both individuals and institutions with specific and sometimes complex needs. We work to deliver consistent performance and unparalleled client service. High-net worth investors have acquired wealth through years of effort and savings, business ownership, inheritance and intelligent investments. These individuals and families require proper planning techniques in combination with investment strategy. Institutional accounts, such as endowments, foundations and various corporate retirement plans, seek to maximize investment assets to support specific and diverse organizational needs. Our experienced team will work to tailor a strategy to meet your objectives.