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COVID-19: Impact on Health and Retirement Plans

 April 14 2020
In April, HORAN partnered with Lyndsey R. Barnett and Lee P. Geiger with Graydon to address the COVID-19 impact on health and retirement plans. Below are ten considerations to keep in mind. Click here to read more.  

IRS extends more tax deadlines to cover individuals, trusts, estates corporations and others

 April 14 2020
To help taxpayers, the Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service announced on April 9, 2020, that Notice 2020-23 extends additional key tax deadlines for individuals and businesses. Last month, the IRS announced that taxpayers generally have until July 15, 2020, to file and pay federal income taxes originally due on April 15. No late-filing penalty, late-payment penalty or interest...

April 10 - Financial Perspectives Webinar

 April 10 2020
This weekly webinar series facilitated by Terry Horan, President and Chief Executive Officer of HORAN, with a panel of HORAN professionals to include Paul Carl, Greg Hoernschemeyer, CLU, Michael Napier, CFP and David Templeton, CFA. Click here to watch.

How to Be Mindful When You’re Anxious

 April 10 2020
The difference between a good day and a bad day is all in how you interpret it. You get to decide whether you’ll view the day from a growth-oriented mindset or negative one, so choose wisely. Here’s an exercise called High/Low/Hero – maybe use it as a routine to wrap up your work day, or to bring your family together at the end of the day. Your daily “high” – what went well or was fun and ...

Spring 2020 Investor Letter: The Bears Woke Up

 April 10 2020
The first quarter was an unprecedented one as the S&P 500 Index decline was the fastest 30%+ sell-off ever. The market ultimately fell 33.9% from February 19 to its low on March 23, just 23 trading days.  Click here for the information.

[Watch] April 8 - How the CARES Act Will Affect Health & Retirement Plans

 April 9 2020
HORAN partnered with Graydon Law for a webinar discussing how the CARES Act will affect health and retirement plans. Click the play button to view the webinar. To watch the video in full screen mode click the icon on the lower right hand corner of the video player. 

HORAN Business Update - April 8

 April 8 2020
A message from Terry Horan, President & Chief Executive Officer of HORAN - recorded on April 8, 2020. Click the play button to view the message. If you would like to watch this video in full screen mode, click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the video player.

Small Business Relief: Answering Your Questions

 April 8 2020
AALU and Gama hosted this webinar, Small Business Relief: Answering Your Questions, in response to the 1,000+ questions received about the stimulus bill as it relates to small business loans. Click here to view the presentation.

Health Action Council Employer Guide

 April 8 2020
Health Action Council is a non-profit organization that serves as a resource and advocate for employers who offer health benefits and wellness services to their employees, dependents and retirees. We are a leader in finding ways to improve the quality, safety, efficiency and affordability of healthcare.

An Unprecedented Shock: Historic Fall-out from COVID-19

 April 8 2020
The emergence of COVID-19 in the U.S. as well as the subsequent measures to stem the spread of the virus sparked a rapid deterioration in markets and the economy that has no clear parallel in history.  Click here to read more.
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