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[Watch] April 8 - How the CARES Act Will Affect Health & Retirement Plans

 April 9 2020
HORAN partnered with Graydon Law for a webinar discussing how the CARES Act will affect health and retirement plans. Click the play button to view the webinar. To watch the video in full screen mode click the icon on the lower right hand corner of the video player. 

HORAN Business Update - April 8

 April 8 2020
A message from Terry Horan, President & Chief Executive Officer of HORAN - recorded on April 8, 2020. Click the play button to view the message. If you would like to watch this video in full screen mode, click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the video player.

Small Business Relief: Answering Your Questions

 April 8 2020
AALU and Gama hosted this webinar, Small Business Relief: Answering Your Questions, in response to the 1,000+ questions received about the stimulus bill as it relates to small business loans. Click here to view the presentation.

Health Action Council Employer Guide

 April 8 2020
Health Action Council is a non-profit organization that serves as a resource and advocate for employers who offer health benefits and wellness services to their employees, dependents and retirees. We are a leader in finding ways to improve the quality, safety, efficiency and affordability of healthcare.

An Unprecedented Shock: Historic Fall-out from COVID-19

 April 8 2020
The emergence of COVID-19 in the U.S. as well as the subsequent measures to stem the spread of the virus sparked a rapid deterioration in markets and the economy that has no clear parallel in history.  Click here to read more.

NFIB Survey: Small Business Survival At Risk

 April 8 2020
Small businesses (less than 500 employees) account for around 50% of total private payrolls. The broad virus initiated and widely mandated "stay at home" orders across most states are having an extreme negative impact on small businesses, all business for that matter.  Click here to read more.

Creating a Healthier Campus for All

 April 8 2020
HORAN is an innovator in healthcare with a focus on finding new and creative ways to create engagement and improve health.  We are building solutions for today’s healthcare decision makers as well as developing the education and behavioral changes for future healthcare decision makers. Chris Mihin and Karen Mueller, Executive Vice President, were invited to partner with Building Healthy Academic ...

Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program

 April 7 2020
The CARES Act expanded the Small Business Administration’s long-standing Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (EIDL), which includes $10,000 grants for eligible applicants. The EIDL program was created to assist businesses, renters, and homeowners located in regions affected by declared disasters.  Download the guide here.

Coronavirus Small Business Emergency Loan Guide

 April 7 2020
The U.S. Chamber’s Coronavirus Small Business Emergency Loan Guide outlines the steps small businesses need to take to access much-needed Payroll Protection Program (PPP) funds. The guide now includes important information, including key dates, as the government moves toward implementation. Click here to learn more.

The COVID-19 Impact on Life Insurance

 April 7 2020
Contributed by Gregory Hoernschemeyer, CLU Many of our carrier partners have a full suite of electronic capabilities from online applications and accelerated underwriting to electronic policy delivery.  This means that we can help you with your insurance needs from anywhere.  Automated underwriting was introduced before COVID-19 and has been fine-tuned over time.  It may be a great option for you...
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