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McCain’s, Obama’s health-care plans aired at forum

 September 18 2008
Health care has slipped on the list of issues voters are most concerned about in the presidential race, but it took top priority at a Thursday event in Norwood. Presenting their views were Dr. Peter Margolis, spokesman for Sen. Barack Obama; Kevin DeWine, deputy chairman of the Ohio Republican Party; and Chris Redfern, chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party. An invited spokesperson for Sen. Jo...

Seeing Possibilities

 June 1 2008
When Jeannie Bechtold, property manager at the Sawyer Point Building, began presenting potential clients with the idea that the Sawyer Point Building could be the perfect location for their offices, at first she didn't get the response for which she was hoping.

Solo Practitioner

 April 25 2008
Christ Hospital CEO Susan Croushore knew immediately what the hospital's leaving the Health Alliance meant for her: She would have to stand against her employer, and specifically the man who hired her, Health Alliance CEO Ken Hanover. "It was a very easy decision for me," Croushore said. "I was hired to be the executive for the Christ Hospital, and that opportunity was the reason I moved to C...

Attire, grooming are highly important for a job interview

 April 13 2008
You've just received the phone call you've been waiting for. A company you are interested in working for has asked you to come in and interview. Are you prepared? Have you done your due diligence on the company? Have you planned what you would wear for such an important interview? If not, take a deep breath and then get to work on presenting the best you possible.

Q&A with Terry Horan of Horan Associates

 April 11 2008
Terry Horan continues the tradition his father, Jack Horan, started more than 60 years ago when he founded Horan Associates. Since then the firm has grown into a full-service insurance and financial services company, serving individuals and corporate clients. Specialties include life insurance for estate and business planning, employee benefits consulting and retirement planning. In addition, ...

Workers' lifestyle choices could bring consequences

 August 3 2007
As they try to save on health care, employers are moving into areas of their employees' lives they haven't touched before, including weight. And they'll keep going, experts say, though Greater Cincinnati is likely to stay well back from the leading edge.
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