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Providing Long-term Care in Today's World

 June 10 2020
If you've had the news on for even just a moment in the last month, you know that the novel Coronavirus has changed the world as we knew it. One way that things are changing is how people are approaching long-term care for their elderly and disabled family members. The thought of putting our loved ones in harm's way might mean that we have to rethink how we provide for them when they are most in n...

Wealth Portfolio Update

 June 10 2020
Portfolio Update - June 2020.pdf

Additional Guidance from the Department of Labor: Relief Related to COVID-19

 June 8 2020
In May, the Department of Labor issued guidance and relief related to COVID-19. The guidance and relief included EBSA Disaster Relief Notice 2020-01 and coordinates with the Department of Treasury, the Internal Revenue Service and even the Department of Health and Human Services. The Relief Period is effective retroactively to March 1, 2020 and ends 60-days after the President’s declared end of th...

How Can You Prepare for Healthcare Expenses in Retirement?

 June 5 2020
Participant Corner - 6.2020.pdf

June 2020 Plan Now, Retire Better

 June 5 2020
June 2020 Plan Now, Retire Better.pdf

Wellness Tips - June 2020 Live Well, Work Well

 June 2 2020
Click here to view the June Live Well, Work Well newsletter.  

Why Should You Buy Life Insurance Today?

 June 1 2020
Due to the current COVID-19 environment, recent market challenges, and many of us working out of our homes, we are all a bit more stressed emotionally and perhaps financially.  Many clients have asked how cash values in their life insurance policies are weathering the storm. Permanent life insurance products have traditionally maintained their value through tough economic times because they are de...

Supporting Mental Health as You Return to Work

 June 1 2020
Have you considered the impact that COVID-19 has had on your employees’ mental health? According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly half (45%) of adults in the United States reported that their mental health has been negatively impacted due to worry and stress over the virus. Why is this important? For every employer dollar spent on mental health, there is an additional $37 lost as a re...

Webinar: Social Security

 May 18 2020
This week's webinar focused on Social Security. This webinar is facilitated by Terry Horan, President and Chief Executive Officer of HORAN, with a panel of HORAN professionals to include Greg Hoernschemeyer, CLU, Michael Hermes, CFA, CFP, David Templeton, CFA, Matt Antenucci, CFA, and Paul Carl. Click here for the link.

Post COVID-19 Ideas & Solutions for the Next 90 Days

 May 18 2020
We partnered with Cigna to talk about what's behind us, what's coming in the next 90 days and what is needed now.  Key areas that were discussed include: Workforce planning, Federal and State Paid and Unpaid Leave Legislation, and Medical Plan Changes Standard plan provisions that may apply, RTW/ADA preparedness and practical tools you can use Emotional health, resiliency, and ma...
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