Investment Philosophy


Our portfolio managers have a long-standing history of analyzing and incorporating individual equities’ positions within client accounts. Having the ability to control individual stock selection helps to customize the level of turnover, income, market beta and market sector exposures. It also helps to control expenses by reducing manager expenses. The core of our individual equity approach is focused on mid to large capitalization stocks.

When evaluating individual equity positions, we place great emphasis on many key ratio statistics. For example, we emphasize earnings growth rates, price to earnings ratios, return on equity, the dividend growth rate (if applicable) and debt to equity. These ratios provide insight into the nature of company fundamentals and importantly, the strength of a particular company’s balance sheet.

Fund managers are selected from an open architecture platform. We have no bias to any fund family and will always remain open architecture. Our screening focuses on manager tenure, style consistency, turnover and performance history. We place heavy emphasis on the standard deviation of returns and up/down capture ratios. Performance is critical over reasonable periods but we will not chase returns by simply buying the best past performers. We also pay close attention to fees. We are willing to pay for superior management but recognize access to specific markets can be achieved cost effectively.