Individuals and Families

Our Approach for Individuals

High-net worth investors have various complexities that need both planning solutions and investment solutions. What does this investment portfolio mean to me? What can I expect related to my cash-flow and growth of principal? How and when should I access my accounts for expenses? Are my affairs titled correctly for future beneficiaries? Do I or will I have a taxable estate?

By design, our active approach incorporates all aspects of planning, including generational wealth transfer strategies, charitable and tax efficient investment planning and risk management solutions. We find value in addressing financial planning early in our process and we aim to partner with your other advisory relationships such as estate planning attorneys, accountants and private bankers.

Our portfolio management team works to customize an investment approach so that your assets are working to support your growth and income needs. We seek to maximize growth of principal while employing strategies that minimize market volatility. Diligent research, diversification and a global perspective provide the framework for the investments we make.

We believe the investment advisory business is truly about positioning clients to grow, sustain and protect their wealth.