Our Discipline

Our discipline seeks to maximize growth of principal while employing strategies that minimize market volatility. Our individual equity approach focuses on high quality companies that frequently pay distributions of income via dividends and continue to exhibit growth of such income. Diligent research, diversification and a global perspective provide the framework for the investments we make.

We believe in comprehensive research. We digest information related to the macro environment from the top down but dissect companies and fund managers from the bottom up. Individual stocks, much like individual managers, must exhibit management strength, market dominance, consistent growth and financial stability to warrant investment. A patient, long-term approach grants investors the ability to take advantage of undervalued investments when market dislocations occur.

Our sell strategy could be triggered by multiple factors. These may include: a position becomes concentrated within the portfolio, a position is observed to be over-valued from a historical perspective or a sector perspective, a position sees deteriorating business fundamentals or deteriorating economic conditions.