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Large Decline In Individual Investor Bullish Sentiment

 July 20 2012     David Templeton
The American Association of Individual Investors reported investor bullish sentiment fell over eight percentage points this week. The AAII Investor Sentiment Survey measures the percentage of individual investors who are bullish, bearish, and neutral on the stock market for the next six months. The bullish sentiment reading of 22.19% was the lowest level since August 26, 2010 when the bullish read...

Mega Cap Stocks May Be Poised To Outperform

 July 12 2012     David Templeton
The market's recent pullback certainly seems warranted given the lack of positive news flow both economically and fundamentally. The euro zone continues to struggle in dealing with its debt issues, corporate earnings reports for the second quarter have been less than exciting and policy uncertainty out of Washington is weighing negatively on consumer and business sentiment. This seems like a repla...

Obama's Tax Platform Putting Retirees At Risk?

 July 10 2012     David Templeton
The current low level of CD and bond interest rates has resulted in retirees allocating more of their investment dollars to higher yielding equity and lower quality bond investments. President Obama's pledge to increase taxes on the rich ($250,000 and above in income) will likely have a negative impact on retiree incomes after 2012.The 2013 top marginal rate for qualified dividends increases from ...

Issues To Impact The Market In Second Half Of 2012

 July 8 2012     David Templeton
Investors and consumers will face a number of key issues in the second half of 2012 that are likely to impact their confidence level due to the influence these issues will have on the markets. One impact is potentially higher equity market volatility and this will not be a positive to investor confidence. Some of the issues and the respective dates investors need to keep an eye on are:September 20...

Economic Decoupling Intrigue

 July 7 2012     David Templeton
With the hurdles facing many of the countries in the Euro zone, strategist have been tossing around the idea that the U.S. economy may in fact be decoupling from the rest of the economies around the globe. This is certainly an intriguing thought and would be supportive of better equity returns in the U.S. Better equity return doesn't necessarily mean positive returns though.One recently cited data...

Dividend Payments and Buybacks Decline In First Quarter

 July 4 2012     David Templeton
Both aggregate dividend payments and buybacks for companies in the S&P 500 Index declined in the first quarter of 2012. The decline in dividend payments is not unusual as first quarter payment amounts have been lower in Q1 versus the prior Q4 in ten out of the eleven first quarter periods since 2001. The pattern for buybacks is more mixed as aggregate buybacks have declined in six of the eleven fi...

Will Individual Investors Continue To Get The Market Direction Right?

 July 4 2012     David Templeton
One thing investors experienced and seemed to have learned was their mistake of piling into the stock market at the top of the technology bubble in 2000. As the below graph indicates, investors allocated significant dollars to equities, based on monthly mutual fund flows, just prior to the technology bubble bursting in early 2000. However, since that time, investors seem to be timing their market ...

The Consequences of U.S. Government Expenditures Outpacing Revenue

 June 26 2012     David Templeton
One fact of little debate is the U.S. continues to spend at a rate far outpacing the amount of revenue it receives. The consequence of this level of spending is the U.S. government continues to take on a greater amount of debt each year. Further complicating this mismatch between revenue and expenditures is the level of "mandatory" expenditures is growing at a 7% rate according to the OMB. A recen...

Investor Equity Fatigue

 June 20 2012     David Templeton
It is understandable that investors have developed fatigue when it comes to investing in stocks. As the below chart shows, since 2000, investors have essentially made no money in stocks. Compounding this is the fact that the return necessary to recover from the equity market declines is more than double the losses that have been incurred.From The Blog of HORAN Capital AdvisorsOne outcome of the eq...

Where To Invest In The Coming Years

 June 17 2012     David Templeton
Richard Bernstein of Richard Bernstein Advisors and Bill Wilby, former manager of the Oppenheimer Global Fund discuss why the U.S. is the best place to invest in the coming years. For equity investments Bernstein's favorite asset class is small capitalization companies while Wilby is focusing on high quality large capitalization dividend payers.Source: WealthTrack
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