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The Week Ahead Magazine: October 27, 2013

 October 27 2013     David Templeton
Investors seemed to have put events in Washington into the rear view mirror as fund flows have turned positive this past week. Below is the link to this week's magazine covering a few articles investors might enjoy in the coming week.The Week Ahead Magazine: October 27, 2013

HORAN Celebrates 65 Year Anniversary

 October 27 2013     David Templeton
Last week HORAN held an open house and client appreciation event at our firm's headquarters to celebrate our 65th year of keeping promises made to our clients and staying committed to our value of corporate social responsibility. The firm has grown from one employee in 1948 to over 90 today. The foundation on which the firm was build remains in place today. This has allowed HORAN to prepare clien...

Investor Letter: Multiple Expansion Contributing To Market Returns

 October 27 2013     David Templeton
Our most recent Investor Letter looks at the market's recent return and the positive influence of multiple expansion on the indexes' performance. In spite of issues surrounding the budget and debt ceiling in Washington, DC, the market seems to shrug off these headline events and continue its move higher. Our newsletter looks at these recent events and the fact similar ones will grab the headlines ...

The Week Ahead: October 20, 2013

 October 20 2013     David Templeton
The debt ceiling and budget stalemate was resolved in Washington, DC last week. If only a temporary resolution to the crisis, the market certainly cheered the short term agreement. This week's magazine includes some article links focusing on what might lie ahead for the markets.The Week Ahead Magazine: October 20, 2013

Housing Issues A Continuing Drag On Consumer Spending

 October 17 2013     David Templeton
A recent report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York shows residential non performing loans (NPLs) at bank holding companies remain highly elevated. This is in contrast to the improvement seen in commercial NPLs have declined significantly.From The Blog of HORAN Capital AdvisorsFrom The Blog of HORAN Capital AdvisorsAt issue is the impact higher residential NPLs are having on the individual con...

The Week Ahead Magazine: October 13, 2013

 October 13 2013     David Templeton
Much of the focus in the coming week will most certainly be on events surrounding the debt ceiling debate and budget stalemate in Washington, DC. In that regard a number of the articles in this week's magazine focus on the Washington issues.The Week Ahead Magazine: October 13, 2013

Funding Entitlements With An Ever Increasing Government Debt Burden

 October 12 2013     David Templeton
In an attempt to add some perspective to the issues influencing the stalemate in Washington, DC, one overriding issues is the rate of growth of the federal government's debt; hence, the fast approaching debt limit. Driving the government's seemingly ever increasing debt level is entitlement spending. Charles Hugh Smith recently wrote an article that focused on the growth of entitlement spending in...

Market Looking Oversold But What Is The Catalyst

 October 8 2013     David Templeton
Afters today's late market sell off, the S&P 500 Index is looking oversold based on a couple of technical measures.The percentage of stocks trading above their 50 day moving average is now 38%. This measure got as low as 28% in the run up to the election in November of last year.The percentage of stocks trading above their 150 day moving average reached 65% today. This measure reached 46% in Novem...

The Congressional Impact On Equity Prices

 October 7 2013     David Templeton
In a study by Michael F. Ferguson of the University of Cincinnati and H. Douglas Witte of The University of Missouri (Missouri State University) titled Congress and the Stock Market, they show a relationship between the return for the Dow Jones Industrial Average based on whether Congress is in or out of session. They call this the "Congressional Effect. They study notes,"We find a strong link bet...

The Week Ahead Magazine: October 6, 2013

 October 6 2013     David Templeton
Third quarter earnings season begins this week and FactSet notes,"For Q3 2013, 89 companies have issued negative EPS guidance while 19 companies have issued positive EPS guidance. If 89 is the final number of companies issuing negative EPS guidance for the quarter, it will mark the highest number of companies issuing negative EPS guidance since FactSet began tracking guidance data in 2006. The...
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