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Retirement Crisis

 December 29 2013     David Templeton
Chip Castle, a managing Director at Blackrock, recently wrote an article about the the lack of savings by individuals looking to retire. The article, Retirement in 2014: It’s Your Number that Counts, highlights a number of facts that point to the savings shortfall of potential retirees. A few of the facts noted in the article:$6.6 trillion: That’s what the Center for Retirement Research has estima...

The Week Ahead Magazine: December 29, 2013

 December 29 2013     David Templeton
With less than two full trading days remaining in 2013, investors likely will be looking ahead to what the market has to offer in 2014. Just because the year changes from 2013 to 2014, a one day advance on the calendar should not result in major changes in ones investment approach. On the other hand, the new year is a good time for investors to evaluate their financial health. Several of the artic...

Very Few 'No Dividend/No BuyBack' Companies In The S&P 500 Index

 December 28 2013     David Templeton
Early this past week we wrote about the strong stock buyback activity by S&P 500 companies. For investors selecting their favored stock purchases from the list of companies that comprise the S&P 500 Index, they have not have difficulty finding a company that pays a dividend or has bought back their stock this past year.In a recent report by Factset it is noted,Just 16 companies in the S&P 500 (3.2...

Job Openings Continue To Increase

 December 27 2013     David Templeton
Yesterday the U.S. Labor Department reported weekly jobless claims fell 42,000 to 338,000. According to to a Reuters article, Moody's Analytics' analyst Ryan Sweet said, "The underlying trend remains favorable. We will be able to muster stronger job growth in 2014." On the surface it does appear the job market is improving.Several weeks ago the bureau of labor statistics reported the unemployment ...

Individual Investors May Be Overly Bullish

 December 26 2013     David Templeton
As reported by the American Association of Individual Investors today, bullish investor sentiment increased nearly eight percentage points to 55.1%. This increase pushes the bullish sentiment level above the +1 standard deviation level and is the highest reported bullish sentiment reading since reaching 63.3% during the week of December 23, 2010. The sentiment measure surveys AAII's individual inv...

Mid Term Election Year Market Return

 December 25 2013     David Templeton
Historically, the average S&P 500 Index return in post election years has equaled just over 5% as we noted in a post at the beginning of 2013. For certain this year has been anything but an average one with the S&P 500 Index up over 28% on a price only basis at the time of this writing. As 2013 comes to an end and investors begin to look at 2014, mid term election years tend to be more volatile du...

Better Investing Members Favored Stocks

 December 24 2013     David Templeton
From time to time I provide a list of the most favored stocks purchased by Better Investing Magazine's members. The recent top 10 stocks reported by its members as of December 24, 2013 are detailed below.Full View

Stock Buybacks Continue At A Strong Pace Through The Third Quarter

 December 23 2013     David Templeton
Today, S&P Dow Jones Indices reported preliminary buyback activity through the third quarter of 2013 continued at a strong pace. S&P noted in the report that buybacks are at their highest level since the fourth quarter of 2007. A couple of notable facts from the report,"For the 12 month period (ending September 2013), S&P 500 issues increased their buyback expenditures by 15.0% to $445.3 billion f...

The Week Ahead Magazine: December 22, 2013

 December 23 2013     David Templeton
As we noted in last week's magazine, the stock market has a tendency to finish calendar years in strong fashion. To that end investors have not been disappointed so far. As the end of the year is fast approaching, some of the links in this week's magazine look at consumer sentiment, fund flows and, of course, a report on the Dogs of the Dow strategy for 2013. This week's magazine is a day late in ...

The Week Ahead Magazine: December 15, 2013

 December 15 2013     David Templeton
According to the Wall Street Journal (link in this week's magazine) "...over the past 100 years...stocks endure a mid-December dip most years. Stocks tend to rise at the start of the month, pull back in the middle and bounce at the end. Then they keep rising at the start of January. Charts show this happening on average over the past 100 years, 50 years, 20 years and 10 years. The late-December re...
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