HORAN Capital Advisors
In Pursuit of What Matters Most.

At HORAN Capital Advisors, we help clients maximize wealth through proper estate planning, risk management and fundamental investing. We understand that there are many reasons to accumulate wealth for the future. HORAN Capital Advisors never forgets it's about more than your wealth, it's about your life.

HORAN Capital Advisors (HCA) is an independent, investment advisory practice focused on the investment and planning needs for high-net worth families and institutions. We are dedicated to forming lifelong relationships with our clients and believe continuity and conversation will help us achieve it.

Our team of advisors and portfolio managers partner with you to create a durable investment portfolio in the context of your financial/estate plan or your institution's liability driven endeavors. We are dedicated to a reliable process and leverage our best thinking from all our seasoned professionals.

Let us be your valued partner as we collectively work through your financial transitions.

For more detailed information regarding our client relationships, fees, and other pertinent matters, please click here for a copy of our Client Relationship Summary (Form CRS).

HORAN Capital Advisors (HCA) is an independent, SEC-registered investment advisor.

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